Witches Circle Digital Subscription 2024

JOIN US FOR OUR AUGUST WITCHES CIRCLE - EGYPTIAN MAGICK! Our August circle will be focusing on Egyptian Magick and Mysteries! We will work with the Egyptian Deities, make spiritual tools from ancient recipes, create sacred space, rituals and more! ONLY £25 A MONTH

Introducing the 2024 incarnation of our monthly digital subscription! We are so grateful so many of you have enjoyed our 2023 Goddess Circle.

For 2024 our Circle is evolving! It will still contain our much loved Goddess based rituals every month, it will however be expanding to allow us to explore different types of ritual, energy healing, crystal work, divination, recipes and so much more!!!! Our Witches Circle is focused on every day magick, spiritual practice and pathworking, each month having its own theme.

We decided last year with the world being in a messy place and all of us on a tighter budget to take our subscription from a physical one to a digital one so it would be affordable and open to all, which turned out called to many. So for 2024 I wanted to take our work even deeper, to create a space of self care, sanctuary and magick online where people could learn, enjoy and practice their spirituality in an approachable every day way (regardless of time, experience or space!).

January starts with Magick For A Happy Home! If you are already subscribed you do not need to change a thing! If you are new, WELCOME, if you would like to join the Witches Circle for our January content, click the link below to subscribe in December so January is your first month! You receive an email with details and access to the Witches Circle Members only page on the 1st of each month. 


We put a lot of time and effort into making beautiful Book Of Shadows Pages, worksheets and workbooks which you can see examples of on our youtube channel Goddess Enchantments.

This digital offering is jam packed with goodies each month, we are still meeting new Goddesses, there are Guided Journeys/Meditations, recipes, rituals galore and so much more. Throughout the year I will also be making Exclusive tools such as oils, incenses and candles only available to subscribers, as well as offers and special crystal offerings too. So for those who still want some physical tools or something no one else can get there will be the opportunity to buy supportive tools for your monthly practice. Equally if you just enjoy the digital content you have no need to buy anything extra!

All content is written by myself and exclusive to Goddesss Enchantments, much of which I am sharing from my own Book Of Shadows.


Subscribe - only £25 per month!!!

On the 1st of each month you will receive a link and password for a members only page which will hold all your exclusive content!

Over the coming year we will cover 12 magickal themes, grow our ritual skills, learn kitchen and green witchery, work with the Tarot and journey deep within. We will experience healing, connection and create  space for our own spiritual advancement!



    • Password Protected Members Only Circle Page


    • A Guided Journey, Visualisation or Meditation Inline With The Months Theme (Audio)


    • Introduction To The Months Theme and Magick (Audio)


    • A Detailed New Moon Workbook For The Month (PDF) – Includes prompts, astrology, spiritual practices, ritual planning and more


    • A Detailed Full Moon Workbook For The Month (PDF) – Includes prompts, astrology, spiritual practices, ritual planning and more


    • Spell Of The Month Decorated Book Of Shadows Page With Full Instructions (PDF)


    • Members Month Ahead Group Tarot Reading (Front Facing Video)


    • Book Of Shadows Page Of The Month - Including Spells, Herbs, Elements and other topics of the month. (PDFs)


    • Additional Rituals, Spells, Tarot Spreads & Recipes included in the Circle Members Page Itself


    • Shop and Academy Discount Code Every Month


    • Optional Members Only Tools, Kits, Crystal or Candle Of The Month Inline With The Work We Are Doing 


    • Only £25 a month, Open Worldwide, Cancel Anytime


Members page links are sent out the 1st of their the month. The email will be sent to the email address you use through your paypal account to sign up so please make sure it is up to date and also add us to your contacts/safe sender link [email protected]

You will need an account on our website to access the members page, please be sure your email matches between your paypal and website account so we can find you to add you to the member only content!

The date you subscribe will be your monthly billing date. As our subscription goes out on the 1st of the month payment is taken the month before so to receive August as your first month sign up by end of July. 

To subscribe simply click the button below and follow the instructions to sign up.

Open Worldwide

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You can unsubscribe any time by logging into your paypal account, going to subscriptions, selecting the circle, and clicking unsubscribe!