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Summer Solstice Kit and Ritual

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Hand Rolled and Carved Goddess Bastet Ritual/Spell Candle


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Wildwoods Ritual Soap


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Sacred Space Ritual Perfume


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Artisan Made Double Terminated Quartz & Copper Wand with Wand Bag


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Amethyst Bed With Stand


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Distance Healing


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Ritual Incenses


Earth Conscious

We love the earth and we have removed plastic from our packaging instead using plants based, recycled and biodegradable options everywhere possible (even down to our tape and customs form envelopes!). 

All our base ingredients are organic, ethically sourced, fairtrade and GMO free. All our products are Vegan with the exception of our smudge fans (as they use fallen feathers) and beeswax. Our beeswax is from a small family that keep bees and make their own sheets without taking too much or harming their own bees (which they have kept for years). Our ingredients (such as essential oils) are also from companies against animal testing!


My name is Claire and i am the owner of Goddess Enchantments which was opened in 2006 with the support of my Husband. I have personally walked the path of the old ways for over 25 years and during that time i have also studied many holistic therapies becoming a qualified Crystal Therapist and Colour Therapist as well as qualifiations in Hebralism and more. My path is simply that, my path, it is not a hobby, its a calling and way of life for me and my family,

To this day after many years running GE our main priority and passion is hand crafted magickal tools, crafted in sacred space with only natural and organic ingredients.

My other two passions which are part of my souls work is spiritual teaching and being a keeper of crystals matching them with their right person.

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