The Scoop On Mercury Retrograde

Now we all love to joke and say hold onto your broomstick when it rolls around and yes it messes with your technology. If you have something that's on the verge of breaking Mercury loves to push it over the edge before its time.

However, I see more and more survival kits from crystals to rituals and I just have to laugh. Sadly, though this just breeds fear so instead of aligning with it people try to hide from it, run from it and protect themselves as if it’s an axe murderer.

There are two main so called "negative" things to keep in mind about Mercury Retrograde. The first is communication! It's a time when crossed wires can happen very easily and on top, we are extra sensitive to those emotions. Be mindful of your own words, especially in texts and be sure you are communicating clearly and ask yourself could it be taken out if context? Do not jump to conclusions when it comes to others trying to communicate with you. If you feel you might be taking something wrong, ask for clarification before jumping to defensive mode. If anything, this is a great time to work on your communication skills with family and friends.

The second is your mind set! If you are fearful and try to resist and protect yourself from Mercury Retrograde you are far more likely to have a negative experience. Instead align yourself with its energy!!

This is a time to rest, reassess, release and make plans. We are also given the energy and opportunity to finish projects we have left unfinished or have pushed aside and ignored. This then puts us in a great position to manifest when Mercury goes direct once again.

So as you can see Mercury has its own magick, its own place in our work and energetic cycles.