The Path Of The Priestess or Priest

What Is A Priestess or Priest?

What it truly means to be a Priestess/Priest of the Goddess, Source, Earth and more. This is not to be confused with coven rank.

First I feel we should start with what it is not! Its not paying hundreds or thousands of pounds to do a course that gives you a certificate at the end. It does not matter if you have a piece of paper saying you are a Priestess of X. Another human being cannot declare you a Priestess or
Priest of a deity and it will be so. I'm sure they enjoyed the cheque though.

The title comes with responsibility! Its not a qualification, its not a way to show off or profit by using the word to legitimise you and your business as powerful.

Its also not someone who is above others or should or wants to be held on a pedestal.

So what is it? What does this title mean? Its a sacred title that only becomes truth if you live it.

Not for a month course or a year course but every day just like you eat or clean your teeth. Its your dedication to your path, spiritual growth, maybe a specific deity. Its standing in your power, your truth and living in alignment. Its being dedicated to your own healing and maybe even the healing of others.

If you honour and work with a God or Goddess for many years they may well give you the title of Priestess or Priest. This is a gift and very personal! Its alignment with sacred energies, your soul path, your self development and daily practice. Its seeing an individual, community, or situation where help is needed be it healing, prayer or ritual and showing up.


Its an initiation that’s very personal and may look different depending on your path. Some
come to this title as mentioned above as a gift from a deity, for others they will hear the call from their guides, ancestors, deep journey or other personal deep practices.

Often those who live this energy stream have been through trauma, illness or other struggles. They have overcome or are dedicated to overcoming these through personal practice whatever that may be for them.

I believe in taking back the true path of a Priest or Priestess! I am and have been a Priestess in many forms for well over 25 years but you will hardly ever hear me refer to myself as such. The title holds ancient power and connection. Why would I want to give that power away and weaken it by using it as a status.

How do we honour this sacred calling and take back a word now used as a new age sales technique? We use discernment in our use of the word, its personal and private. We honour it by living the ways of a Priestess or Priest. We keep our ego well in check and do our shadow
work and personal healing.

Its easy to separate those who want status or a title from the real thing. You will see and hear those who want a title loudly ringing their own bell and yelling from the roof tops ‘I’m a Priestess of', while you and I quietly go about our work. Sharing our gifts from our heart centeras we feel called, often unnoticed and without acknowledgement!

Your sex, sexual preferences, colour, financial status, path or age have nothing to do with this gift. You don't have to be a spiritual leader, work in healing therapies or have some certificate to lead this life. No one can tell you that you cannot walk this path. Its your path, your personal
power and your connection to Source in your chosen form.

Sadly I have been present when others who sell this title have told people asking about the Goddess path “You cant work with x Goddess without taking our training”. For one woman it squashed her aura so vividly I pulled her aside away from the other woman to tell her please do
not believe that nonsense or give up your calling and personal power. I’ve seen men told its not a path for them or they can train but must forgo the masculine.

If you are called to embrace the path its not always easy and comes with responsibility. It is however the most amazing gift!