Connecting With Deity

There are many way to connect with the Divine and no one way is the 'right way'! Here you will find some suggestions on how to start your journey of connection but the most important thing to remember is trust your intuition and experiment to find out what works best for you.

* Deciding which God/Goddess to work with ~ This may be something you have already considered, you may have been drawn to someone in particular or you could still be searching out which aspect of the Divine is around you. The best place to start is research mode. Go online, read books and educate yourself in the specific God or Goddesses myths, their place in history and how they have been worked with throughout the years. Learn where they come from and what that culture was like, how did people of that time as well as modern time connect with them. This is a great reference point but again don't become to bogged down by it being the 'rules'. The Gods and Goddesses will often present themselves to different people in slightly different ways, ways which the individual will be able to relate and hear their call. To be too focused on putting a name to the God and Goddess! Often people are in such a rush to find their Goddess for example they just pick one they like the sound of and run with it. Maybe someone will stand out to you or make themselves know as you research, if not then refer to the God and Goddess as just that. Work with the aspect of the Goddess you are in, Mother for example. The more you let things flow the sooner you will be open enough to hear their call.

* Set up a sacred space or altar for the God or Goddess. It can be as elaborate or low key as you like! Don't let budget stop you from creating your space, if money is an issue you can do something small and simple. An example would be printing a picture from the internet to represent the God or Goddess on your altar along with a candle in a colour that represents them. If you can afford a small statue then Awaken the statue and give the Goddess/God a place to reside in your home. If not you can formally invite the Goddess/God into the small sacred space you hold for them.

* Spend time each day in your sacred space! Obviously we are all very busy these days with full time jobs, children and other commitments so its not always possible to spare an hour a day for example. Try to squeeze 10 mins during your day to just take a moment in your space, light a candle and talk/chant/pray/meditate with the Divine.

* Build a relatioship with your chosen God or Goddess! Start to incorporate them into your every day life, for example if you are working with Bast and come across a cat on the way to work...Greet the Cat and take a moment to think of Bast.

The only real way to work with any diety is to build a relationship with them and this takes time and commitment on your part. Daily practice is a big part of this and even for those with the busiest of lives making the effort even for that small time each day will bring spiritual rewards and help you on your path.