Children and Spiritual Practice

Introducing Your Children to Your Path

I am sent many messages from parents asking how to introduce children to spiritual practice, what type of things could they do and when is the right time.

This is of course very personal and every situation and family unique. When it comes to the question of timing my advice is be led by your child. If you work with crystals and they show interest, start there! Maybe get them their own crystals and teach them some basics. If you practice yoga and they enjoy watching you, encourage them to try a few basics.

If you celebrate the sabbats make a special meal with them or ask them if they would like to help with your altar or light your ritual candle if old enough.

Children are very open and learn quickly. Studies have shown early introduction to meditation (starting at just a few mins) can help them suffer with less anxiety and cope better in stressful situations.

Whatever your path your children are around you all the time and you will know if they are showing an interest in what you are doing. Many parts of spiritual practice can be fun, children love collecting things in nature from herbs to stones. You can help them pick their own protection stone on a walk. If you grow herbs let them choose what to add to your dinner and as they add it invite them to say something super simple.

So trust your child and yourself and do what feels natural for your own family. One of my closest friends children has had a little altar in her room since age 5, LED tea lights, a few crystals, faerie statue etc. She adds stones from walks and leaves. Another makes cakes every sabbat and decorates them seasonally, all the family share them then leave one as an offering in the garden after saying a few words for that sabbat.

There are also many books now for little ones who's parents are spiritual and follow the wheel etc. Wendy Andrew has a wonderful one that follows a Hare round the wheel.