Full Moon Blessings Cake Recipe

This recipe is wonderful to use for your full moon celebrations, i also use it on autumn/harvest sabbats  such as Lammas.


250g Clear Local Honey plus 3 tablespoons for glazing

225g Unsalted Butter

100g Muscovado Sugar (to taste, preferably dark)

3 Large Eggs

300g Sifted Self Raising Flour

1tsp Rose Water (more for its properties than taste so only a small amount needed)

Some Edible Sugar Rose Petals or Edible Lavender Flowers

20cm Spring Form Cake Tin, Baking Paper or alternatively you can turn this into cup cakes or squares

Oven 140 fan/160 or gas mark 3


Lay out all your ingredients and hold the honey jar in your hands, ask the Goddess to bless it with her love, light and blessings. If using at a harvest Sabbat you called call upon a specific Goddess such as Demeter.

Melt the honey, sugar and butter in a pan on a low heat until clear and running, then turn up the heat to thicken for a min or two. Then set aside and leave to cool for about 15 mins while you continue the recipe.

Sift your flour into a bowl so its ready and then grease the sides and bottom of your cake tin and then line the bottom. If making cupcakes lay out papers in their tin.

Now whisk up your eggs and add them to your cooled honey mixture, add the wet mix to the flour and beat until smooth and runny.

Place in your cake tin and bake for around an hour, i like to check mine about 10 mins early to be sure it wont burn. Cupcakes should take around 20mins but again keep an eye on them.

Remove from cake tin after resting for 10 mins and place on a rack. Warm and extra 3 tablespoons of honey in a pan on low heat and drizzle over the top of the still warm cake. You can prick the top of your cake if you would like a little extra to sink in. Decorate with the edible rose petals or lavender flowers, cool and serve with cream or ice cream.