The Truth About Black Salt

In the new age community black salt has become super popular. The irony of this is the knowledge of what makes black salt powerful is being lost.

I see people dyeing sea salt on youtube with food colouring, breaking up quick light charcoal (chemical filled) or simply buying very expensive natural black salt from the supermarket.

So your white salt is now black......why would adding a few drops of dye or charcoal change anything energetically about the salt? Even natural black salt does not contain the energy of magickal black salt. You could argue maybe a little colour magick but that is not what black salt is for and won't give it the properties or energy needed.

What is black salt used for........

  • Protection, especially of properties!
  • Clearing residual energy from a home, space, or land.
  • As part of a closing/protection of a property to stop spirit activity.
  • To remove low vibrations or dangerous negative energy from a specific place!
  • To break negative attachments.


And so much more

So as you can see some food dye in salt won't achieve those things. Recipes for black salt vary and are often guarded, they don't just contain salt that has been dyed. Several other ingredients are used but most importantly it goes through a cycle of blessings and ritual. Without those blessings it is simply coloured salt with the properties the white salt started with. Our black salt never gets to fully empty as the end of the last batch starts the next so we have energy and blessings going back years at this point in our blend.

When made correctly it is so potent you only need a small sprinkle each use so if you are using 500g to get the results it's not very good black salt!

So if making your own remember it will take research, it will take time to create your blessings and ritual around its creation!

If buying ask what they use to turn the salt black, ideally you want to avoid food colouring and absolutely avoid quick light charcoal blocks (please remember it's dangerous to breathe in their dust!). Also ask an open question of is anything else done or added to the salt. Don't expect to get the recipe, you won't! However if they are cagey, won't tell you what makes it black and have no other practices around its creation its a good indicator to try somewhere else!

A staple in so many people's magickal tool kit, let's also come back to having the knowledge of why this tool is just so special to begin with.

Goddess Enchantments