Intention Setting On The New Moon

The new moon is the time of the month where we set intentions for the coming lunar cycle. You can set these intentions for the next lunar cycle or for any other specified amount of time (traditionally 3, 6, 9 or 12 months).

What does intention setting actually mean?

The new moon is the start of growth towards the full moon, so magick crafted at this time will grow as the moon does gaining in power is we move through the cycle. Setting an intentions is choosing what it is you want to grow and work towards. Maybe you would like more prosperity, a new job, a new home? Then the new moon would be an excellent time for magick towards those goals. Setting your intention can be as simple a spell as casting circle and verbalising your intention all the way up to a full ritual involving multiple tools.

Tools Of The New Moon

Quartz ~ Quartz can be programmed for any purpose and also magnifies that energy as well as the energy of other magickally charged items around it.

Labradorite ~ The traditional stone of the new moon, a stone of manifestation and lunar energies.

Grids ~ Crystal gridding is excellent for setting long term intentions as it stays in place and the generator is constantly channeling the energy and magnifying it just while sitting there.

Burning ~ Burning papers or bay leaves with intentions written on them

Candle Magick ~ Having a New Moon candle that you light each new moon to set intentions with is a deeply powerful tool

Ritual Oils ~ Essential oils of opoponax, jasmine and honeysuckle

Journalling ~ People often forget magickal journalling can become its own ritual each month 

Intention Boxes ~ Take a box and fill it with charged and programmed items appropriate to your intention and keep on you altar for the desired length of time or until they manifest.

Give yourself a new moon reading


Can I Do Release Work On The New Moon?

Firstly i always say use your intuition!! Technically the best time to do any releasing work is when the moon is waning then you will hear some say use the new moon and others the full. That's because every witch has their own way of working just like they have their own way of casting circle. I have found though that powerful ritual for release and leaving things behind can be done on the new moon. As always check in with your guides, higher self and tarot or pendulum if you use them.


New Moon or Full Moon

For me the new moon is a time of new beginnings and things that need time to grow and manifest as the energy will grow as the moon grows. When the moon is full that's the perfect time to give thanks, work with the divine feminine, work spells that need a powerful energy boost, do quick working magicks, charge gemstones/tools and do journey work.

Again though this is a guide and do what feels right to you as well as whats needed at the time. We cant always wait for the perfect moon to do our workings!