Basic Circle Casting For Beginners

How To Cast Circle

This is a great beginners method for castings circle. Feel free to experiment as no two witches cast circle in the exact same way :-)

Once you are set up in your working area it is time to cast a circle. This is creating a container that holds the energy you are building and keeps out any unwanted energy from your environment. This is also why we clear the energy with sage or an alternative before ritual. 

Sit or stand in the middle of your working area and either with your eyes closed using your third eye or eyes open visualise a white ball of light ahead of you at the edge of where you want your circle to be.

See a beam of light come out of it and head around you and your space in a clockwise direction creating a circle until it comes back and re-joins the ball of light. 

Now see the white light spreading from the top of the circle line you have drawn from all four directions and joining above your head like the top half of a balloon or bubble. 

See the same happen from the bottom until your circle is literally a glowing bubble encompassing both you and your working space. 


I Open This Circle And Create A Sacred Container For My Work Here Today 


Close Of Circle ~ 

At the end of ritual repeat the initial steps above but in reverse, seeing the walls of the bubble come down top and bottom and re-joining the outline of your circle. 

Now see the light beam from the ball of light going anticlockwise until it comes back around and you are just left with the ball of light once more. 


I Close This Circle And Give Thanks For The Sacred Container You Have Held Here For Me Today 

See the ball of light gently fade away.