Using Scent For Magickal Workings

Magick and spell are built up of levels, each working together to create the desired outcome. Scent works on one of these levels to help enhance, focus and add to the energy of the spell. 
It also works by helping the spell caster to focus their own energy on the spell and create the correct atmosphere for your spell casting. 
There are many different ways of using scent in your spell work and its completely up to you which and how many different options you use. For example some people love incense, others find incense gives them a terrible headache in which case they would look for alternative scent options. 

Natural or Synthetic? 

The idea of using scent in your spell casting is to enhance its power with the energy of other plants, herbs etc. For this reason i ask you to think carefully before using any kind of synthetic scents as these have no magickal energy connected to them. Man made synthetics do not hold any of the energy connected to the plant/herb etc they are trying to recreate and instead contain chemicals which can hinder your magickal efforts. 
Natural essential oils have wonderful and very powerful energies which are directly connected to the plant or herb they come from. This makes them ideal helpers in all magickal workings, helping focus you and add their specific qualities to your spell work. 

Ways To Use Fragrance In Spell Work - 

Candle Anointing Oils: 
Choose or blend oils using pure essential oils which correspond to the spell you intend to cast. By anointing the candles with this oil you will release their energies as the flame burns down releasing a light scent. 

Incense Grain or Stick: 
Burnt in the room while you cast your spells incense can really set the right mood and enhance your spells energy. Try and get grain incense where possible or carefully select your stick incense to avoid synthetics. 

Oils Burners: 
A great option for people who do not get on well with incense or just prefer an oil burner. Choose or make oils using essential oils in a base such as sweet almond oil. Can be used during and after the spell work is complete to continue the energy of the spell. 

Dried Herbs: 
Take some of your spells herb mix, rub it between your fingers and breathe in the scent while focusing on your goal during spell work. 

Fresh Herbs: 
Rip some fresh leaves of a herb suited to your spell type and do as above. 

Pure Essential Oils: 
A drop can be placed on a tissue or cotton and breathed in before and during spell work. 

Essential Oil Safety 

* Never use pure essential oils on the skin 

* Do not use oil mixes intended for candle anointing or oil burners on the skin 

* Before using any diluted essential oils on skin perform a patch test 

* Certain essential oils can be dangerous if used when pregnant or if you are unwell, always consult a professional before use. 

* Never take essential oils internally 

* Some essential oils can cause headaches when breathed in too often or for too long such as ylang ylang. If buying a ready mixed oil for regular use always ask the sellers advice as to which to choose or ask them to mix one specially to suit your needs. If mixing yourself find a trustworthy aromatherapy book. 

* Never leave oils where children or pets can get to them 

* If you get essential oil in your eye wash out with warm water and consult a doctor.