Looking After Your Sacred Spiritual & Ritual Tools

Many of us have a hearty and much loved collection of Spiritual tools aquired over the years from crystals to malas.

These tools have been used in our ritual practice, spiritual practice and healing making them sacred and alive with energy. They are energetically connected to us and our energy field.

If we begin to think of our tools not just as objects but as energetically connected to us and having their own energetic blueprint the last thing we would want is them stuck in a draw under clutter or in a corner covered in dust.

Its not always possible to have every crystal and tool out and in use but here are some tips for looking after them and their/your energy.....

  • Rotate your tools with the seasons or work you are currently doing.


  • Assess when was the last time you worked with that tool or is it just sitting gathering dust and low vibrations. If so cleanse it and pack it away instead choosing something more fitting to your current work.


  • Think about your storage, make or buy some beautiful pouches to hold malas, crystals, tarot decks and other smaller tools. Have a beautiful large box you regularly cleanse that is dedicated and blessed to hold tools when not in use.


  • Cleanse your space and tools regularly with herbs, sound, our natural florida water or magickal sprays.


  • Take care of crystal grids energetically by feeding them but also physically. You can use a cotton bud (paper tube not plastic) to clean crystals while still in an activated grid with a little florida water or a herbal infusion.


  • Regularly check your incense, herbs, oils etc to make sure they are not too old and still energetic tools. Old incense and herbs can be burnt in a fire ritual outside!