Earth Meditation

This is one of my own meditations that i wanted to share with everyone as i have found it really helpful in so many situations. This meditation is ideal if you are feeling a little out of balance, have had a hectic day, need to ground and also as a beautiful meditation to do in circle before starting any magical working.

If you find it hard to remember a meditation in your mind you can easily record yourself speaking it through on your phone etc to listen to out loud. Just make sure you remember to go nice and slow and leave gaps where appropriate!! 

Take a seat or lay down somewhere you will not be disturbed and most importantly make sure you are comfortable, i often grab a blanket too as sometimes when you relax especially in winter your become cold which can ruin your experience. 

Once you are ready depending on your personal practice you might like to cast circle with your mind, call your guardians, put a protective light around you or you may be ready to just get started.

Close your eyes and see your self in a large green open space, in the centre of that space is a spiral made of stepping stone so you walk over and starting at the outside make your journey to the centre. As you do so you become more and more relaxed and notice the green outside the spiral become a little blurry and starts to change. 

As you come to the centre of the spiral you find yourself in a small opening surrounded by trees and over the tree tops you can see peaks of mountains. You look around the opening and see you are in the centre of a beautiful stone circle and each of the stones have a different symbol on them. 

You walk over to each stone and touch your hand to it feeling its power, realising each stones symbol has personal meaning and messages for you.

You then walk over to the middle and sit down cross legged, you put your hands on the grass and can feel the pulsing of the earth under you. Roots start to grow out from your hand and the base of your spine and you feel yourself fully connected to Mother Earth. Allow her healing green energy to flow up through the roots and wash through your entire body sweeping away pain, sadness and unwanted emotions back down into the earth. Stay here as long as you need fully connected to the earth.

Once you are ready see your roots coming back up out of the earth and dissapearing into you, feel how grounded and uplifted your entire being is. When you are ready stand and leave an offering of your choice in the circle of stones and head back to the stepping stone you entered on, as you step back onto it the stone circle starts to fade and the rest of the spiral come into view, head back out of the spiral knowing your sacred earth glen is here whenever you need to find balance and peace.

As you exit the spiral walk back across the green opening and feel yourself becoming aware of your own body and the space you are in in the physical world. When you are ready open your eyes, rub your palms together and slowly get up. Have a drink or biscuit to fully ground you back into reality.

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