Live In Abundance & Attract Prosperity

As Summer Solstice is just around the corner we begin to think about abundance. Abundance can cover so much from an abundance of good health or luck for example. Often when people think abundance they think prosperity and money. I am asked constantly how to best live in alignment with abundance. It's a mindset and a way of both thinking and talking about prosperity and abundance that aligns you with this power house energy stream.

Let's go to money first as it's often what people are most interested in......


WORDS AND THOUGHTS - Every time we vocalise we can't afford this or we don't have money for that, our words which have power, align with the energy stream of lack. When I can't afford something I work consciously to not say it aloud let alone to others and when it comes to my thoughts I will simply think....I shall work towards that in future or I plan to get x by next year. This instead is me setting a goal, saying I can have it and will to myself and the universe.


OTHERS - Jealousy or making comments that make others feel bad about the fact they can afford or want something again drops us out of the energy of abundance. Be happy that your friend or family member is in such a good position. Like attracts like so instead of being the party pooper allow some of their energy to rub off on you!

Abundance as a whole.....

WORDS AND THOUGHTS - Say out loud your goal, create a mantra or visualise it as already manifest. See in your minds eye yourself surrounded in an abundance of good health, happiness or whatever else you are looking to attract. Allow your words and thoughts to support what's possible not what you think is not!


OTHERS - It's easy to judge and say oh they have it easy, always get what they want, don't have to struggle. You don't know someone else's situation and they have likely worked very hard on whatever it is they have an abundance of. Instead let their alignment rub off on you, surrounding yourself with people who are attracting abundance inspires and helps you keep on track with what you would like to manifest.


If we feed into lack, if we see ourselves as lacking and portray that to the outside world, that is what we will attract. It's not about blind positivity (after all if you see yourself a millionaire but don't have a job you won't be manifesting that any time soon lol) but instead a focus on our blessings, a focus on what we have and what we do want in our lives, not a focus on what we don't have. It's remembering our words and thoughts have form, vibration and create a energetic force.

So this Summer Solstice focus on gratitude and that which you want for the future. Open yourself up to grow and flourish. See the world as abundant and work towards your goals, never giving up and always having that end goal insight. What does it look like, how would it feel?

Abundance can be as simple as watching a bird sing and feeling pure happiness in that moment. It may be buying a home or a spa day. Maybe it's belly laughing with your friends and embracing joy.

One thing that's proven time and time again is that if you see your life as abundant that is what you will attract and have. If you see your life as a disaster, filled with lack then that is where you will stay, attracting more of the same.

I learnt this lesson myself in my very early 20s when I could not understand why some things were easy to manifest and some felt impossible. I soon realised that which came easy I believed I could achieve, I spoke as if I had or was about to achieve it and I never said it would not happen. Those things that I could not manifest in abundance were the things I would moan were hard, happily tell anyone I don't have or can't have that due to x excuse/reason.

I began to notice how there were certain things my family members could not manifest and they had a habit of being the ones who would proudly tell all we can't afford that, achieve this, it would be my dream but i doubt it would happen or maybe in 5 years. Yet my grandad manifested whatever he wanted or needed. The difference........he always said he could, he always believed he would and he never spoke of lack even though he has lived through times of severe lack in our world. He did not see lack, he saw opportunity. Having his stubborn nature I decided which route I would take and saw the shift. Its not about being rich or having all you desire though in a surface way. It's about allowing space for the abundance to flow, manifest as is intended for you and allow the energy to support you in this lifetime in all the ways needed.