Are Crystals Really For Everyone??

This has always seemed a funny topic to me as we have had a wide range of customers and community since opening 2006. Men specifically seem to be at the forefront as of late! I've been seeing online myself and receiving a lot of messages from men asking if they can use crystals, if crystals are for woman, saying they are made fun of by a partner or family for starting to look into crystals and asking how they can better explain it, if crystals wont work with them or if they should hide it!

I sat with it and realised I felt truly shocked! Firstly I thought we had come a long way and while of course there will always be those who think anyone liking crystals is weird (we are proud to be weirdos here then lol) generally crystals are more mainstream. It seems though men are being pushed out of crystal groups, not welcome on courses and coming under attack.

Firstly come join our FB group and community as you will never find that on our socials or courses Seriously though, crystals are definitely for everyone! They do not care how you look, your race, your sex, dating preferences etc etc. All this is simply human concerns and issues. If we address specifically men for a moment, crystals can be very healing for the Divine Masculine. Helping to heal mind, body and spirit. Just as I do not subscribe to woman work with Goddesses, men Gods, such nonsense (work with who you feel called)! Please do not feel pressure to avoid any part of spirituality or tools you are drawn to. That goes for anyone amd everyone!

In truth I have worked with crystals for decades, taught about them since we opened and taken/led more deep life changing journeys than I could mention! I've done in person Crystal Healing sessions on clients, and now focus mainly on distance healing. Never, not once, has a crystal not wanted to work with someone based on what they (crystals) consider surface level human concerns. Crystals also work with plants, trees and animals of all kinds so we are not the chosen special ones!!

If a group, community or crystal course won't accept you for you that is their issue and a red flag for you to back away slowly or maybe run. Not from crystals, but from the PEOPLE!

Family can be a challenge, you may have to accept some simply just won't ever understand. My advice would be don't try to change their mind, carry on doing you and one day they may come around but if not most will simply accept it as an interest of yours. If you love golf but your entire family hate it, you might bring it up occasionally in conversation but you have plenty of other things that are shared interests to talk about. Wear your gemstone bracelets and carry your crystals they may say nothing or eventually they may ask a question or comment on how nice the piece on your fireplace is.

Seek out those who do share your interest and enjoy talking to them. Find community that embraces you regardless of gender, race, or anything else for that matter. Stay true to yourself and allow your light to shine! If you are a man, know there are lots of men who like crystals! David Beckham, Liam Hemsworth, Johnny Depp all wear or carry crystal to name a few!!! The late Patrick Swayze had an incredible crystal collection!!!