Clearing Your Aura

Our Aura is made up of several 'layers' and is affected by our every day life, those we are around, friends, family and our own as well as other peoples emotions. Many people on a spiritual path have felt the wonderful benefits of smudging their homes to clear away negative energy or just energy that no longer serves us in a positive way however the energy collected by our aura is often overlooked. There are many ways of clearing your aura including using smudge sticks however today i thought i would share my most used technique which is combing the aura. I like this method because it is something that only takes a minute or two so can easily be fitted in to a busy routine. How often you clear your aura is completely up to you, i find with this option i can do a quick clear every morning as part of my getting ready routine.


Combing Your Aura
You can simply use your hands or a black kyanite blade to clear the auric field. You can also add in the use of an essential oil. I use organic lavender oil as this can be used neat on the skin and has purifying and calming properties. I take one drop and rub it on my palms. If you are using essential oils you have not used before then please do a patch test first. If your chosen oil cannot be used neat on the skin then add 1 drop to a teaspoon of carrier oil (almond, grapeseed, olive, sunflower etc).
If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a medical condition/medication which prevents the use of essential oils freshly washed hands works just as well, you can even wash them with a little salt or my ritual cleansing salt (if not pregnant).

Use either your kynaite blade, anoited hands or freshly washed hand to complete the following.

1. Start by standing up straight and taking three deep cleansing breathes, you can ground yourself here if you choose (this is something else which ideally should be done daily or weekly).

2. Place your arms out in front of you bent at the elbow (about 30cm away), palms in. Start above your head and work downwards to your feet 'combing' through the air. Then do the same from above your head to your feet to the right of you a little, then the side of you and behind (behind is more difficult so i turn one arm behind me to do from my waist down and do not worry it does not need to be perfect!! If you cannot reach turn slightly or visualise the process for that spot).

3. Place your arms out in front of you almost straight but still with a slight bend in the elbow and repeat step 2. 

4. Place your arms fully outstretched in front of you this time palms facing away from you and repeat step 2.

5. At this point if you sense any sticky points or have an area of pain or tension go back to that area and do a little extra combing close to the body.

6. Take three more deep breathes and you are done!!