Starting A Collection Of Tumblestones

If you are looking to start working with crystals tumblestones are a wonderful affordable way to begin your journey....


Tips For Creating A Tumblestone Collection



Tumblestones are an extremely versatile way to work with crystals. You can carry them, create crystal grids with them, add to charms and so much more. Having a good selection will mean you are always ready with your crystal allies to create the magick or healing needed.



* When buying tumbles buy either in pairs or fours. This means you always have the crystals needed for a balanced crystal grid.



* Often its easy to forget about the fact that tumbles just like our large spheres and generators still need to be ethically sourced, so be sure they are from a trusted supplier.



* If you plan to use crystals for specific purposes keep them together and dedicated to that purpose for example a chakra set or gem water set.



* While for those new to crystals or as general safe practice I recommend the indirect method for crystal drinking water, if you would like to work direct create a dedicated set. This set should be safe crystals for direct method, tumbles with no chips, rough areas that could break off, inclusions or matrix.



* Creating a chipstone collection means when making charms or bottles that will be buried, burned or thrown away you don't lose your more costly tumbles but won't compromise on crystal energy. A great example is our Aquamarine chipstones, if I'm making 4 charms for the home they are far more cost effective than 4 tumbles which I won't get back.



* People often discover they have manmade/fake/baked crystals in their tumble collection such as opalite, goldstone, heated amethyst/citrine, blue obsidian, dyed agate etc and ask me what they can do with them as now they know their origin they no longer want to use them in their magick or healing. Don't throw them away, use them to decorate plant pots, put in the base of vases etc as decoration.



* Having the basics is always a good place to start and often most affordable such as rose quartz, amethyst, smokey etc. Once you have the basics start looking to add more variety, advance your practice and experience different crystal energy. Tumbles are a great way to begin, for example covellite tumbles, while more expensive, they allow you to experience exceptional energy without the hundreds of pounds it would cost for a sphere!



* New or a collector of years as your collection of tumbles grow it can be hard to keep track of whats what at times. When you have tumbles that all look like rose quartz but two are pink petalite, two are star rose quartz and two morganite it can be confusing. While you learn the difference in look, texture etc its handy to keep them with a label or make small cards with their names. Organising your tumbles when not in use, labelled, makes it easy and quick to find what you want.