I have never done Shadow Work before......Is it too late?

I've never done shadow work before, is it too late to start now???

This is a question I get a lot every year! Now of course in an ideal world we would start our journey into shadow work as early in our life as possible. However to answer this question properly its important to have an understanding of what shadow work is and how it works.

From the moment we are born we arrive with baggage from our ancestral line and more, however things really start to get interesting as we grow. Every person experiences forms of trauma, negative experiences, takes on unhealthy patterns and beliefs from those around them, creates behavioural patterns, deals with emotions such as anger, grief, unworthiness and so much more.

These things define how we treat ourselves, have relationships with others, what we attract and how we choose to live our lives. They define how we see ourselves and feel about ourselves.

Shadow work helps us recognise the thought patterns, behaviours and trauma we are holding. We meet our inner saboteur, inner critic and inner child. Through this sacred work, which we do at a time of year perfectly aligned and gifted to us by the universe, we learn how to finally come to a place of healing, acceptance and integration. Each year creating healed space and transformation.

So yes starting early in life would be amazing but the truth is shadow work is not and never will be a one and done. When we start we have many things to work through, but at the same time we are living beings and will continue to add to our shadow work every year of our life. Shadow work is a journey, a part of your spiritual path and a regular practice just like meditation or ritual. The more we transmute, heal and integrate the lighter we feel, the more aligned we are with our soul purpose and the more positive opportunities we invite into our lives.

So no matter if you start this part of your journey at 18 or 60 it will transform and heal your life in ways you are yet to even imagine. So never think you are too old or it's too late! If you are ready to heal, to know the real you, align with your soul purpose and become fully empowered then maybe it's time to begin or continue your Shadow journey whether it's with myself, solitary or however you feel called!!!

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