Monthly Enchantments Box

Here at Goddess Enchantments we do subscriptions boxes differently. On the 11th of each month the boxes go live and you can purchase that box as a one off. Our boxes are limited due to their handmade nature and every month there is a release video in my closed Facebook group talking you through the theme and energy of the box. You also get a sneak peak where i show some of the tools you will be receiving. Due to increasing requests we have now added the option for your to subscribe, this is something especially asked for by our international customers who often set alarms in the night to secure their box. Scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe and make sure your box is always reserved.

Many of my customers refer to my Enchantments Box as a mini course in a box, setting us apart from others who provide monthly boxes. Your box comes with a link to a 1.5 hour long video with myself where you will learn how to work with your new tools, how to work with the energy of that months theme and we will do Ritual/Journey together. 

Some of our previous boxes have been -

The Lower Realm ~ Working and Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Gaia Planetary Healing

Pathworking With Elen Of The Ways

Ancestral Healing Through Crystal Grids

All the tools within our boxes are handcrafted by myself with some boxes collaborating with local artists. You'll never find wholesale incense, bulk purchased paraffin candles or any other item made on mass and purchased wholesale within our subscription boxes.

You will also never find a tool in one of our boxes just because, to fill it out or look pretty (although our boxes always look gorgeous!). Every tool is there for a purpose, to be used and worked with to enhance your own spiritual practice, magick and knowledge.

I often post videos of the making of incenses, oils and other items from the box within my group so you can start to connect with the energy of the tools before they have even started their journey to your front door.

Our boxers are always sold a month in advance. They are released on the 11th of the month at 10 a.m within our closed Facebook group and you are always purchasing the box of the month ahead. So for example on the 11th of October you would be purchasing the November subscription box. Boxes are sent out within two weeks from the 15th of their month. Due to high demand for our boxes and the fact they are limited due to their completely handmade nature they do usually sell out completely on release day, so to be the first to see the latest box check in with the group on the 11th.

We do sometimes close our subscription list for Limited Edition Subscriber Boxes such as our September box so its always worth reserving your box ;-) 

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Subscribe and Guarantee Your Box


A limited number of boxes are available on the day as one off purchases should you wish to purchase your box individually. However we now have the option for those of our community who buy our boxes every month and would like the ease of knowing their box is reserved and there is no rush to grab one of the 11th. 

As our boxes are sold a month in advance as an example if your subscribe on or before the 1oth August your first box will be the September box, if you subscribe on the 11th or later your first box will be October.

We do not do a box in December so the release on the 11th November is always our January Box. If you are a subscriber once payment is taken for that box you will get a payment holiday (we arrange our end) of one payment and then your subscription will restart up again. Again you do not need to do anything your end :-) 

To subscribe simply click the button below and then select your country, our boxes are £55 per month and price shown includes your postage costs. The date you sign up will become your billing date moving forward. 

Note: Your box will be shipped to the address supplied on your paypal account so please make sure it is up to date when you complete your subscription.

Once your subscribe you will be re-routed back to the Goddess Enchantments website to a special Subscriber page with further information including how to unsubscribe which you can do at any time!