Crystal Treasures Events


Something we do very differently here at Goddess Enchantments is Crystals!!! With the new age market booming wholesalers of gemstones and precious stones pop up left and right. You can sign up with a business name and have crystals of all types shipped right to your front door. We have had access to this kind of wholesaler since opening in 2006 and there are now ten times more than there were back then. Whats the problem you might ask??

The thirst for crystals from mother earth has never been stronger and those crystals need to come on mass often involving things like child labour, huge dynamite mining, illegal mining, blood crystal trade and heat treating. Most warehouse wholesalers maybe know the coutry of origin, good luck on getting anymore information than that!!!

My supplier is 30 minutes away from my home, its not a warehouse, they don't have masses of people there and crystals are not purchased by the ton. They have a showroom in which every crystal has been carefully placed and cleansed by this small family run business. They fly to the country of origins to source their crystals, when they want carvings they buy the rough and have it carved themselves, great care and lots of hours of travel insure they source ethically and mindful of the energy around them.

Our Crystal Treasures events happen in our closed facebook group about once every two months throughout the year. Thanks to our close relationship with our suppliers each piece is hand picked in person by myself. I go through every crystal looking for inclusions, matching the energies happening in our community and bringing one off healing tools for our events. We work closely together and my supplier sources things specially by request and even has pieces carved for us (often for our subscription boxes or course kits).

Our events take place over two days on a weekend with a live video on the Friday opening the event and explaining how to take part. Day one at 10am, 1pm and 4pm three pre-recorded videos go live in the group. Each one is about 1.5 hours in length and i show each piece individually, showing you the inclusions, how to work with the piece and its correspondences. Each piece is unique and the piece you see is the piece you get!!!

Its a big event for us with our international customers setting alarmsand  everyone watching for sneak peaks and the photos i put up in group of me at my supplier in the lead up to the event itself. Many of our community even take notes for their own crystal journals and BOS.

Everyone messages via my facebook page if you they see a treasure they would like and its a lot of fun seeing which pieces go to which members of the group.

Day two everyones payment listings go live on the website and there is a website stocking of crystals. Everyone can either pay for just their invoice or make the most of combined shipping and shop the crystal stocking and rest of the site.

All crystals that leave have been charged with crystal singing bowls and are sent with love.

Before the event we also offer a listing for intuitive shops where you can pick your budget and have me tune into my own and your guides to find you the perfect piece. So look out for this listing in the weeks before an event.

The best way to know when our events are is to already be a member of our closed facebook group, i also try to keep our crystal page on the website up to date in the notes at the top. 

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What some of our community has to say:

" I discovered Goddess Enchantments a little over a year ago while searching for a reputable source for crystals. In addition to being the very best source for top quality crystals, Goddess Enchantments offers a plethora of carefully selected, high quality tools in their shop and invaluable information via their website, Facebook, YouTube videos and expertly taught courses. Claire’s unparalleled expertise and guidance has been and will continue to be a blessing to me as I move along my spiritual path. "
From JS


"Crystal treasures events are not to be missed! Claire gives so much detail and information about each piece it's like a tutorial, I've learned much just watching the treasures videos. Most importantly though, the quality of the crystals is unbelievable. There's a lot in the press lately (rightly so) about the exploitative and ecologically damaging practices that are used to extract crystals. Claire only sells from reputable sources and knows where every piece has come from. Truly fabulous."
From FM


"I can honestly say that I have been introduced through Crystal Treasures to some truly unique crystals. I don’t know how Claire does it but she always manages to source the most wonderful and unique pieces. There is something for everyone whatever your budget. You can buy crystals from Claire in confidence. The Crystal Treasure events are really exciting and fun. Prepare to be amazed! X "
From MH


"Even if you don’t buy anything, they are worth watching for the wealth of information about each item. I also bookmark them in my YouTube account so I can refer back to qualities and uses of the pieces I have bought.
The new addition of descriptive captions at the end of each item is really useful as I can quickly go back and check the price and dimensions before I purchase."
From DW