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Witches Who Don't Witch

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Merry Meet and welcome to my new blog! I figured what with the new website its seems appropriate to start the blog afresh! 

Witches Who Don't Witch.....

This is something i have watched several youtube videos on in the past few months and also had a good few lengthy discussions with some witchy friends.

Why is it when things are not going right, money trouble, relationships trouble, family situations or needing a new job witches don't witch through the situation. Instead some seem to do less magical workings that every before. So this is my take on it......

I think this can really be broken down into several categories......

Witches who like the title of witches but really have little interest in practicing or actually following a spiritual path. When things go wrong they don't turn to their path because they were never really one it. That one is pretty simple!

Then there are the witches who have things start to go wrong in their life and it causes them to lose confidence in their ability to witch. We all know the feeling when its one things after another! Maybe you start having trouble paying your bills, this in turn leads to several things breaking down in the home when you least need it and can't afford to repair them, then your job starts making cuts and you fear you might be next. Dispair sets in and you feel alone and out of control, the last thing you are thinking is lets get in circle as you are so busy with the practicality of all this and the fact you don't feel there is a way out. That in turn swirls into your spiritual life and you think its to big of a job magically, will take a lot of energy you dont have and let face it panic and doubt sets in which is not a good start to any magical working.

This one i get, working magic when emotionally off balance is never a good idea, be it stress, anger or dispair. Our energy is low and spells take more of our energy to its easy to let of the cauldron. My personal tips for this is take time for YOU. Yes we are all busy but even if its 10 minutes in the morning and 10 before you go to sleep. Ground, do a short meditation, work with gemstones or ritual bathing to get yourself back into balance. Then when you are feeling more like yourself you can head into circle and start some magical workings to give you a helping hand out of the situation.

Spiritual burn out ~ You just dont want to witch, you don't feel connected and are not drawn to your practice like you used to be. Maybe due to stress, feeling diconnected from your God or Goddess or even a little resentful that this crap has fallen at your door and you feel alone.

This is a crappy one! It happens to everyone at some time or another and sometimes you do just need to take a little time out. When you are ready to come back i personally handle a bout of spiritual burn out by starting really slow, a walk in nature, sitting in the garden, doing a little gardening. Just get back to the nature side of things and feel more connected and grounded. Then slowly start up that magical practice again in the same way as above, a little meditation, working with gems and light a candle and have an honest and frank discussion with your diety! If you usually meet your goddess/god during pathworking at a temple, forest etc then go to that place and unburden yourself and reconnect.

Then there are the witches who just don't even think to work there way out of a situation or at least get a little magical assistence. Maybe because they are used to just helping others, they don't really believe in their spell craft or just can't be bothered.

I have a little more trouble with this one as for me being a witch is who i am, its not a religion or something i do on a specific day of the week. I weave magic throughout daily life naturally and something without even thinking about it. Can you really be a witch if you dont believe and cant be bothered to witch?

Lastly are witches who have done spells but nothing has worked so they give up and leave the magical route behind.

This is something i personally hear a lot of owning an online store for 9 years. I will often get a message saying i lost my job so i lit a blue candle and nothing has happened. I then ask well when you lit the candle what did you do? Did you add intent? Did you specify what you want to return from the spell? Then most importantly what have you done since the spell?

You would be surprised at the huge amount of people who say they are practicing witches, light a candle with no itent and then sit back and wait for it to happen. They often seem surprised they need to still look for jobs, send applications and attend interviews. 

I think this comes from maybe media, films etc where someone twitches their nose and boom someone else is a frog! A spell can help open the way, clear a smoother path, show you which direction to take and aid you in succeeding but you still have to give of yourself. Your energy, your intent and then your work here in the physical world to make that a reality.

So why do witches now witch? I don't think its as simple as some make out. I hear some people saying well your not a witch then, other saying people are lazy or stupid. I don't think you can bunch everyone together like that and its something i have really given a lot of thought lately. I too went through a period middle of last year where i was 'witching' for other people but just felt disconneted from witching for myself. It turns out it was a time of great reflection for me and eventually my Goddess came along a kicked my backside back into circle. I learnt a lot about myself and my practive during that time off though and i feel im a better witch for it now.

Yes i agree laziness, title with no practice and unrealistic witches can be annoying, many argue it gives others a bad impression of those that practice the craft. Of course at times i have thought to myself 'oh how obsurd' but my opinion is we should spend more time focusing on our own path and how to better ourselves as magical practitioners than worrying about what everyone else is doing in their practice!!

Thats my little ramble for today......

Love and Light