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  1. I thought I would take the time to come and talk about something im really passionate about.....

    CANDLES and why not all are equal. I have a lot of repeat customers for my candles from the beeswax to the votives and many special order as its all they use magickally which im so honoured by but I do occasionally get someone who asks why would I pay twice what I can get them for at supermarket. Its a fact I don't shy away from, yes my candles are more expensive. This is for a few reasons, one because they are either all natural beeswax or organic, gmo free soya wax which is way more expensive and hard to source compared to parafin or even cheap soya wax. Secondly I only use pure essential oils and natural ingredients. In one large Goddess Bless candle that uses half a bottle of pure sandalwood essential oil! Ouch but sooooo worth it lol!

    Why not use fragrance oil? It's pure chemicals and we don't believe it's healthy to breathe or just as important my candles are for magickal use so what would the point be as fragrance oil has no usable vibration or connection to the flower, resin or tree.

    Lastly is time, I don't just melt, mix and chuck some wax in tea lights, tins, moulds or throw together a beeswax candle. Below is two of six 100g candles I made today which took me 2.5 hours as I turn my kitchen into sacred space, charge each lot of wax, program each crystal, make the herb powder (which is on the smudge candle) with intent, charge the glitter (yes I go that far as if you are going to make something sacred I believe it should be 100%) and then add some sound from crystal singing bowls.

    Some might say well is it worth it for what you make!? Maybe I AM crazy lol but I have been open for 11 years and I like to think and hope it's because people really appreciate my creations. I won't ever be rich but I am fullfilled! I just really wanted to share some of this as I know with internet shopping and ease of tools to the door sometimes objects can look flat on a screen but so much love is behind them here xxx


  2. Its that time of year again and i thought it was about time for an update blog! We are heading through the harvest seasons towards Samhain, the shadow work for the season has begun and we start to honour our Ancestors who have passed.

    Goddess Enchantments was actually started 2007 in October so its a special time of year where i look both back and forward starting with how the business has grown, shape shifted and changed over the years. Then i start to look to the future, i always journey this time of year to see where i should be taking the store and how it should evolve moving forward. 

    For me my little shop is less of a business and more just part of my spiritual path! A place to share what i love and craft. I've already been guided as to whats to come next and am very excited for the coming annoucements.

    The website gets a make-over, I like to redo my labels and make other small changes. 

    My Crow spirit guide is louder than ever this time of year and the energy of the season moves though our home.

    Shadow work is never easy and its certainly not fun nor is it ever really done with. Its the witches way of healing, itegrating and honouring. What will you be working on this Samhain!? The work is jusy beginning and its with this healing we can move forward for the new beginning the pagan new year brings.

    Start of this year we also lost a family member so this Samhain our Ancestors altar with have one more to honour. The wound is still raw so this year the energy is even stronger than usual for us.

    A big part of my attention has also been on our garden with the last harvests of many of the herbs and getting them ready to over winter for next spring. We have also been out and about foraging for fallen leaves, acorns and chestnuts.

    Your Samhain tools are now in the shop, i was asked to pop them up end of September this year so they are ready and waiting. YES including our Spirit Candle for honouring and connecting to your loved ones both human and animal. When i first shared the spell and candle in 2007 i could never have imagined how many messages i would receive from customers who had been brought so much comfort and healing from them. Every year i am touched to hear from so many of you. 

    As Goddess Enchantments heads to its anniversary i would like to thank everyone new and old who has supported us over the years! You are all so very much appreciated.

    Love and Light xxx