About Me

Welcome to Goddess Enchantments.....

My name is Claire and i have run GE since 2006! We started out our journey on ebay when there was very few online spiritual stores, we soon went on to leave ebay as energetically it just did not run in line with the work we were doing and what we wanted to create. Since then our online community has grown to include our website, closed facebook community (where you can find me every day), instagram, youtube channel and student community.

I started off my own spiritual journey at a very young age and have been on my spirtual path now for 25 years. I began working in spiritual and new age stores but soon became disenchanted by the entire experience. So much arrived in brown boxes from huge wholesalers, no one knew the origins of their crystals and there was a real lack of handmade magickal tools actually made in sacred space. 

It was then the idea of Goddess Enchantments was born! We started very small, just a few ritual kits, sabbat kits and incenses but slowly over time we grew and became a trusted source in the spiritual community. 

We are proud to say that everything on our site is either completely hand crafted by us in sacred space or sourced locally and from UK artists we support. We do not pack or wrap any of our items in plastic instead using cellulose wrap (which looks just like plastic but is completely biodegradable), we use bio bubble wrap and eco friendly packaging. 

It took me quite a while to start selling crystals as i was only going to do so if i had a supplier i could visit, that was not a warehouse, and where i could pick each individual crystal. Source soon provided and in my facebook group i share photos of each of my trips so you see what a stunning environments your crystals come from and not only that but most importantly i know where everything was sourced as my supplier travels their himself!! Another huge thing to us is again we are supporting a small business that is family run with ethics that are inline with our own! You can find out more about our crystals and Crystal Treasures event in our facebook group.

Teaching is a huge part of my life path and i am proud to say we have a flourishing online student community! I teach all year round with courses from energy management to crystal workshops. All online, live and interactive with small groups and one to one teaching. Its a huge privelage to help so many on their journey and watch as their spiritual path grows. 

Even as our community grows we stick to our own ethical code and vision for Goddess Enchantments. I am active in my community daily, offer both free and paid teaching through course, youtube and my facebook group and if you message me, its me who responds. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and having that personal touch. My husband packs all your beautiful orders, helps with the website and comes with me crystal shopping and i do all the making, teaching and customer service.

Most of our herbs are grown by us, others sources locally, i am a very keen garden witch and love growing herbs and vegetables. I also have numerous qualifications such as being a fully trained Crystal Therapist and Colour Therapist which aid me in my spiritual work. We live with our two cats (who often make appearances in group or youtube and even classes!) and two rabbits. For us this is not a job it is an extension of our personal path and the work we are here to do in this lifetime.

Many Blessings